Ava Grey’s Story

an Agency of Artists

We are a creative agency and production house comprised of artists and designers with a range of professional backgrounds, working towards a common goal of creating dynamic projects that connect to audiences in authentic and visually impactful ways. Our work adapts multiple facets of urban contemporary landscapes and culture along with natural elements to best fit each project’s purpose and design challenge. While our specialties include creating custom designed art installations, sculptures, and murals, our core strength lies in an extensive understanding of design coupled with an unrelentingly high standard for quality production.


Art Direction

Every project begins with a conversation getting to understand a vision and purpose. This clarity enables us to create a visual story that is culturally relevant, leading to rich details that form memorable exp-eriences.


Directed with this information, we develop innovative concepts that reflect this purpose and achieve their goals with a totally customized, one of a kind design solution. This includes working through various possibilities, and sketching & testing ideas towards a final approved concept.


Bringing a vibrant concept to life is all about crafting details to engage the audience. This is where our in-house capabilities shine as we continue to refine every detail until the last touch is in place. And having a team of specialists enables us to professionally create with a multi-disciplinary platform.


Innovation is rooted in growth, and we pride ourselves on progressing our craft. So we reflect on each project to understand it’s impact, develop new processes into a consistent workflow, and envision how to expand on it in the future.

“Ava Grey”

Ava means “bird” in Latin. Birds can travel freely in any direction, whether they are on land, on water, or in the sky. Many species are famous for their sharp vision, endless ingenuity, and supportive flocks. Ava is also the beginning of “avant-garde” – the beginning of cultural and stylistic innovation.

Grey provides the best starting point for artists to create in any direction. If you start from white, you can only go darker. If you start from black, you can only go brighter. But if you start from grey, you have the most balanced beginning to create and design in any color and in any direction.

Combined the words represent our team’s diverse capabilities in providing design solutions to a myriad of challenges, using a wide range of production methods and materials.

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